St.Barthélemy, also knowned St.Barts, st-barth or Saint-Barths, is an island unlike any other, with its personal blend of French colonialism, the influence of Swedish rule, and the development of high-end tourism.

Its history begins with Christopher Columbus, who "discovered" it and named it for his brother, Bartolomeo. Yet the Arawak Indians had already known the island for quite some time, calling it Ouanalao, which means pelican.
Measuring just eight square miles, its tranquility remains unspoiled, with both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean never too far away...

St Barth is the perfect spot for restful, relaxing vacations, with lazy days going the beach, trying the many restaurants, enjoying diving and other nautical activities, or going shopping.

Visitors are seduced by its charm and always swear they will return to Saint Barth.